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Llangolman: Vigil to draw attention to ‘injustice’

Police activity at Ffynnon Samson (colourised)

THE violent deaths of brother and sister Griff and Patti Thomas shook the small, close-knit community of Llangolman to its core back in December of 1976.

The shambolic investigation into their deaths resulted in a hastily thrown together inquest, which took place barely 12 weeks after their deaths.

The February 1977 inquest found that the deeply religious, physically-impaired Griff argued with his sister over money before having a moment of lunacy and beating his sister to death with a dining room chair.

Afterwards it’s believed he either accidentally fell or took his own life by throwing himself onto a burning Settle.

Now, 46 years later, members of the local community are coming together at 6pm on Sunday, April 24, at Griff and Patti’s beloved Rhydwilym Baptist Chapel, for a quiet vigil, occasional prayer and hymn.

Members of the public are invited to bring candles to be lit as a symbolic reminder of the brother and sister and to escalate the campaign to reopen the police investigation into the incident and to reopen the inquest.

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No members of the community who knew Griff and Patti believe the inquest verdict that Griff had murdered his sister before setting himself on fire.

Both share the same grave at Rhydwilym cemetery and those at the vigil will be led to their graveside.

Campaign co-ordinator Hefin Wyn said “The purpose of the vigil is to draw attention to an injustice and to do so in silence with humility and respect and offer the occasional prayer, read appropriate passages from the scriptures and listen to hymn tunes.

“To do so will show the strength of feeling among the local people who remember both Griff
and Patti’s regular attendance at chapel services.”