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Stop and search powers for police in Wentloog Avenue area, Cardiff

POLICE closed off Wentloog Avenue Cardiff road on Sunday (Mar 21) after a ‘serious disturbance’ and reports of an assault.

A 999 call was made from the incident at 4pm, with emergency medical services also attending.

A spokesperson for South Wales Police told Herald.Wales in a statement: “The notice authorises any constable in uniform, within that locality to exercise the powers under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994:

“To stop and search any pedestrian, or anything carried by them for offensive weapons or dangerous instruments without good reason, or to stop and search any vehicle, its driver and any passenger, for offensive weapons or dangerous instruments.

“The notice was imposed following a serious disturbance earlier today [Sunday]. It will remain in place while enquiries continue with the intention of preventing further violence.

“Section 60 is aimed at preventing serious violence, to find dangerous instruments or to apprehend persons carrying weapons.”

A Section 60 Notice gives officers the authority to stop and search anyone in a specific area has now been implemented for the Wentloog Avenue area.

Police added: “The notice took effect from 5pm on Sunday and will remain in place for 24 hours.”