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Hydrogen Safe partners with RWE to tackle skills gap in Wales

HYDROGEN Safe, the hydrogen safety training specialist that acts as a conduit between industry and education, is working with RWE, the UK’s leading electricity generator, to tackle the skills gap that is becoming increasingly evident as businesses transition to greener ways of working in Wales.  

With targets to become carbon-neutral by 2040, supported by plans to develop a hydrogen plant which aims to be operational by 2027, RWE is putting in place the provision it needs to address training and talent requirements well ahead of those deadlines. 

Working exclusively in industrial locations, the supply of hydrogen will provide businesses with a greener alternative as companies are challenged to become more sustainable. 

As an innovative training provider to the green energy sector, Hydrogen Safe will work alongside RWE to develop a series of digital assets that can be used as multisensory education experiences to upskill students and those that want to access the green energy sector.  

Partnering with Ark Immersive, the leaders in immersive and interactive digital content, Hydrogen Safe will capture content from RWE UK sites to be used in computer augmented virtual environments (CAVEs) that feature in colleges throughout the country.  

Creating a multi-sensory experience for delegates, the CAVEs share 3D images that are projected onto walls, floors and ceilings to mimic a virtual world. Tracking movements, delegates are able to interact with real world scenarios digitally. 

Head of Hydrogen Business Development at RWE, Jeremy Smith, comments: “RWE are planning to build, own and operate green hydrogen production facilities for bulk supply of hydrogen to UK industrial customers. Our first of a number of green hydrogen plants is due to be operation by 2027 and we have a target of 2GW green hydrogen across our core markets by 2030. 

“Whilst we have a lot of renewable and gas expertise that we can draw from it is crucial that we ensure that we have the hydrogen specialists we need when these plants start to go live. We are happy to work with companies like Hydrogen Safe to help them deliver essential training but also hopefully inspire people to embrace innovative technology as we all start to move to a more sustainable energy future”. 

CEO and Founder of Hydrogen Safe, Andy Lord, comments: “RWE are just one example of the progressive businesses that we are speaking to. It’s really encouraging to work alongside companies that are not just embracing green energy but putting the skills in place to make the most of all the positive results that it will deliver.    

“The digital assets that we create allow for an immersive learning experience for delegates. Instead of teaching people out of textbooks, we use the virtual world to allow them to explore real life situations in a safe and secure environment. 

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“In fact, we provide them with an opportunity to access sites, to better understand hydrogen and to put the theory they have learned into practice without ever having to leave the classroom.”

Members of Hydrogen UK; the Hydrogen Energy Association; the Hydrogen Skills Alliance; and NPTC Group of Colleges, Net Zero Skills Advisory Board, as well as being a corporate partner of the Greater Manchester Mayors Charity, Hydrogen Safe works with businesses, education providers and individuals to deliver courses that meet with their specific objectives and sustainability goals. 

For more information, please visit: www.hydrogensafe.org and for regular updates follow: @Hydrogen Safe on LinkedIn.