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USW Fashion student launches genderless, inclusive clothing range

Haus of Androgyny

JOSEPH THOMAS, a second year Fashion Design student at the University of South Wales (USW), has launched a genderless clothing range to fit a variety of body types, using prints inspired by his nephew’s drawings.

The 22-year-old, who is originally from Swansea, established his own brand, Haus Of Androgyny, with the aim of making clothing that is as inclusive as possible.

“The inspiration for my brand came from my experience growing up,” said Joe. “I struggled to find clothing that suited my style – a mixture of masculine and feminine – and was often unable to find pieces in high street stores that I felt confident in.

Maximus collection 3

“It’s important for me that my collections are inclusive, which is why they are genderless and can suit so many different body types.”

The idea behind his latest collection, Maximus, came from spending time with his 7-year-old nephew, Max, who told Joe his dream was to become an artist.

“I’ve always had such a supportive family, so I wanted to see what I could do to help Max feel supported in his dreams,” said Joe.

We spent a day together where he drew these beautifully creative designs, which I made into repeat prints. All of Max’s drawings are featured in the collection, which is why I named it Maximus in his honour.”

Maximus collection 2

Joe chose to study Fashion Design at USW after being impressed by the subject area’s focus on ethics and sustainability, which he says is an integral part of his work as a designer.

“The University is helping me prepare for the fashion industry by setting highly creative and in-depth briefs which are helping me figure out who I really am as a designer,” he said.

“I plan to build on the success of my brand, and achieve other goals such as travelling with my job or becoming a designer or creative director for a higher end fashion house. I’m very excited about the future, as I feel I’ve found exactly what I want to do.”

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