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Welsh learners celebrate success

A PARENT from Borth and a bookshop owner from Montgomery are among a group who have been recognised for their efforts to learn and promote the Welsh language.

The Welsh in the Family award was presented to Charlotte Pugh from Borth in Ceredigion during Aberystwyth University’s Annual Welsh Learners Awards Ceremony.

Charlotte’s husband is a fluent Welsh speaker, and her children who are aged six and three are learning Welsh. Charlotte tries to speak Welsh with them, sings Welsh nursery rhymes, and reads Welsh books. She also owns a business making children’s clothes. 

Charlotte’s hope in learning Welsh is to be able to chat in Welsh with her children and their friends and also help the children with their homework. Her wish is to be a good role model for her children, and for them to be proud of her. The award was one of six announced at the online ceremony.

Barry Lord from Montgomery, Powys won the learner of the year award. Barry, who is originally from Lancashire, was inspired to learn Welsh on his first visit to the National Eisteddfod site. 

He has owned a book store in Montgomery since 2018 and takes every opportunity to speak Welsh with his customers. He is also an active member of a Welsh reading club in Montgomery and enjoys supporting other learners. 

Carmarthenshire County Council was presented with the Welsh in the Workplace award for their work in creating a very supportive environment for Welsh speakers and learners.

Alice Farnworth, who works for the Information Services Department at Aberystwyth University, won the Work Welsh Learner of the Year Award. 

Clwb Hwb Maldwyn was awarded the Welsh Group of the Year. The club used to meet as a small group in Newtown, but since the lockdown, up to thirty meet on Zoom.Certificates for the WJEC’s Entry, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Welsh language examinations were presented to successful students, along with the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol’s Certificate of Language Skills.

Congratulating everyone on their success, Professor Elizabeth Treasure, Vice-Chancellor of Aberystwyth University said: “Very many congratulations to everyone on their success in learning Welsh. 

“As a Welsh learner myself, I know how much effort is needed to learn a new language. 

“I would like to thank everyone for making that effort, and for being so enthusiastic in their efforts. Wales’ unique language is a special national treasure and a gift to everyone who lives here.

“A special thanks goes to the tutors who have helped so many learners over the years. Thanks to them all for their excellent work, and to everyone in the Learning Welsh team.”

More information is available by going to: https://learnwelsh.cymru/