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Welsh youth’s powerful Peace Message supported world-wide

Criw Neges Heddwch ac Ewyllys Da 2024, Sian Lewis, Jeremy Miles + Peace and Goodwill Message Contributors

THOUSANDS of individuals, schools and organisations world-wide have supported the 2024 Peace and Goodwill Message from the young people of Wales, which was launched as an animated film today

(Friday 17 May) by Urdd Gobaith Cymru, Wales’ largest youth organisation.

The Peace Message’s impact and reach quickly gathered pace on social media today and by mid-afternoon the Message had been shared in more than 30 countries so far, including India, Moldova, Patagonia, USA, Slovakia, and Japan.

Supporters include several well-known former Urdd members, including Hollywood actors Michael Sheen and Matthew Rhys, who thanked the Urdd for “inspiring us all and taking the voice of the young people of Wales to the world.”

Since 1922 the young people of Wales have thrown a spotlight on themes that are important to them whilst sharing a message of peace with the world. Every May a message has been shared without fail, initially through Morse code, then through the BBC World Service and more recently through digital media.

2024’s Peace Message honours the legacy of the Welsh Women’s Peace Petition of 1923-1924, signed by 400,000 women across Wales (said to be 7 miles in length). The Message states that “the challenge of our century’s next chapter” is the continuing need to advocate for peace and putting an end to atrocities, wars, and violence.

Cist Deiseb Heddwch 1923-24 Peace Petition Chest

The young women responsible for creating this year’s Peace Message are Cardiff and Vale ESOL students (English for Speakers of Other Languages) who have found refuge and made Wales their home along with some of the Urdd’s female staff, apprentices, and volunteers.

The text of the Message ‘Gweithred yw Gobaith – Hope is an Action’ is available in 70 languages, and the animated film shared today on social media is by filmmaker and illustrator Efa Blosse-Mason.

The Urdd held a launch event at St Fagans National Museum of History today, where the 1923-24 Welsh Women’s Peace Petition is currently on display as part of the Petitioning for Peace Exhibition.

Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Energy and the Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles, who was present at the launch event today, said, “With all the instability in the world, the message of peace and goodwill is more important today than ever. I’m proud to support the message on behalf of the Welsh Government, and of the Urdd’s contribution to making Wales a Nation of Sanctuary for refugees over the past few years.

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“By translating the message into 70 languages this year, the powerful words of Wales’ young people will be reach far and wide, and will give hope that a better, peaceful world is possible.”

Chief Executive of Urdd Gobaith Cymru, Siân Lewis, said, “The Urdd has ambitious plans to ensure Wales and the Welsh language makes a positive impact in the world. We are thankful to those that have helped share our Message of Goodwill far and wide, from our current and past members to our supporters world-wide. Today, across many platforms, the voices of our young people have been heard.”