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Discover 40 unique events across Wales this summer as Cadw celebrates 40 years

Medieval Re-enactment Chepstow Castle

THIS summer, Cadw is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a spectacular lineup of events across Wales.

Whether you’re a history buff, a family looking for fun activities, or are simply eager to explore Wales’ storied past, Cadw’s summer schedule has something for everyone.  

Cadw’s mission for the past 40 years has been to preserve Wales’ historic places and inspire current and future generations to connect with the nation’s rich cultural heritage. Over these years, Cadw has so far safeguarded over 130 historical sites, ensuring that visitors can enjoy these locations now and for years to come.

If you’re a family looking to explore Cadw locations, children go free with any adult membership. Cadw memberships offer free event entry and unlimited access all year round, to all of its sites, offering a unique way to explore Wales’ rich heritage

Here are 40 unique events to experience visit this summer as Cadw celebrates its 40th anniversary:

Caerphilly Castle

  1. Wonderful WildlifeSaturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August, 11am-3pm

Explore the flora and fauna of Caerphilly Castle’s with nature themed crafts and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

  1. Castle Fun DaySaturday 24th and Sunday 25th August, 11am-3pm

Visit Caerphilly Castle for a varied day of grandeur and opulence as you adventure around the castle’s walls and enjoy the different activities on offer.

Castell Conwy

  1. Conwy Jester DayEvery Friday from 26th July to 30th August, 10am-4pm

Join Conwy’s longest-serving jester, Erwyd le Fol, at the castle every Friday during the school summer holidays for medieval family fun, featuring juggling and comedy for all ages.

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Laugharne Castle

  1. Dinosaurs and DragonsSaturday 20th and Sunday 21st July, 11am-4pm

Attend a fun fantasy-themed weekend with dragon training, dancing with a princess, dragon meet-and-greets, entertainment shows, free crown crafting, and more!

  1. Willow Weaving WorkshipSunday 18th August, 11am-4pm

Join local artist Sara Holden for a fun and educational willow weaving workshop using medieval techniques, where participants of all ages and abilities can create and decorate their unique designs to take home.

  1. Living History WeekendSaturday 27th July and Sunday 28th July, 11am-4pm

Laugharne Castle hosts a Living History weekend where visitors can experience medieval village life and witness civil war armour and weapon demonstrations.

Castell Coch

All events at Castell Coch are ticketed; this is due to the limited number of visitors that can be accommodated at the castle.

  1. A Victorian ExcavationSaturday 27th and Sunday 28th July, 11am-3pm

Join Cadw in reconstructing the Victorian excavations of Castell Coch of the 1800s. Uncover with your own hands a range of Medieval treasures and learn to record these items in their archaeological context and practice methods that are still used today.

  1. Castle Fun DaySaturday 31st and Sunday 1st September, 11am-3pm

Visit Castell Coch for  a day of crown making, a traditional Punch and Judy show, castle tours, fun games for the family and face-painting.

Beaumaris Castle

  1. Beaumaris Nature DaysTuesday 30th, Wednesday 31st and Thursday 1st August, 10am-5pm

With flying displays, learn how birds of prey were used by their lords during the time of the medieval castles, and visit the ferrets to find out their role in hunting.

Raglan Castle

  1. An Evening with Katheryn SwynfordSaturday 20th July 2024, 7pm-8.30pm

Meet the ancestor of every monarch since Edward IV, and find out her links to Raglan Castle.  Adult only event 16+

  1. Raglan Castle OdysseySunday 25th August and Monday 26th August, 11am-4pm

A multi-historical period weekend of living history groups, with re-enactments and displays, wander the camps and immerse yourself in times past.

  1. Falconry DaysEvery Wednesday from 31st July to 21st August, 11am-3pm

Witness flying displays of majestic birds of prey at Raglan Castle.

Castell Oxwich

  1. Castell Oxwich Guided ToursSaturday 13th July and Saturday 17th August, 11am-2pm

Tickets need to be booked online in advance for this event.

Enjoy a guided tour of Castell Oxwich, towering above the wide sweep of Oxwich Bay. A castle in name only, this hugely impressive Tudor manor house was the home of a gentry family looking to be movers and shakers in the 16th century.

Denbigh Castle

Castell Dinbych/Denbigh Castle
  1. Fairytale PicnicSaturday 27th July, 10am-4pm

Bring your own picnic and enjoy the beautiful surroundings with live music by the Whipperginnies, dancing, face painting, and lawn games. 

Tretower Court and Castle

  1. Tretower’s Summer of FunSaturday 20th July – Sunday 1st September, 10am-4pm

Tretower Court and Castle hosts a range of activities across the summer – from arts and crafts, to trail challenges.

  1. Wings of Wales FalconrySaturday 10th and Sunday 11th August, 10.30am-16.30pm

Learn all about the history of hawking and see these fantastic birds in flight. Please note, no dogs will be allowed on the site during this event.

  1. 15th Century LifeSaturday 20th and Sunday 21st July, 10.30am-4pm

Find out about life in the Middle Ages, and join the 15th Century Household living history group as they take residence at Tretower.

Kidwelly Castle

  1. The Time Travelling Medicine ManTuesday 20th August and Wednesday 21st, 11am-4pm

Explore the world of medicine, surgery, dentistry and diseases through the ages with the Time Travelling Medicine Man.

  1. Minstrel TomTuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st July, 11am-4pm

Minstrel Tom shares all the insight into instruments and style of music from the 17th century, with plenty of opportunities to dance.

  1. Carmarthenshire FalconrySunday 25th and Monday 26th August, 11am-4pm

With a chance for a hands-on experience and a very close look at these birds of prey, learn all about the different birds and how they were used back in medieval times.

St Davids Bishop’s Palace

  1. The Freemen of GwentSaturday 24th, Sunday 25th and Monday 26th August, 10am-4pm 

Come and meet these fierce men-at-arms and their families in the warmth of their camp near their homes in Wales and learn about their way of life and worship.

Barclodiad y Gawres Chambered Tomb

  1. Barclodiad y Gawres Guided Tours Saturday 13th July and Saturday 17th August, 11am-2pm

A chance to investigate this unique and important passage tomb which is not generally open to the public, and enjoy special access to view the ancient decorated stones. Please book tickets online in advance.

Rug Chapel

  1. Rug Chapel Guided ToursSaturday 13th July and Sunday 4th August, 11am-2pm

Step inside 17th Century Rug Chapel and prepared to be wowed by its decorative flourishes.

Tintern Abbey

  1. Brother Thomas the CellarerSaturday 20th July and Saturday 10th August, 10am-4.30pm

Step back in time and learn what life was like as a monk in Tintern Abbey. Brother Thomas will share inside information about the monks’ rituals and responsibilities.

  1. The Greatest KnightSaturday 24th, Sunday 25th and Monday 26th August, 10.30am-5pm

Living history, medieval re-enactment, displays and talks will transport the abbey back to its earliest days, to honour the life of Earl William Marshal and his influential spouse – as the Greatest Knight returns on the 801st anniversary of his wife’s death.

Cae’r Gors

  1. Cae’r Gord Guided ToursSaturday 13th July and Saturday 17th August, 11am-2pm

Explore the home of authoress Kate Roberts and find out more about the fascinating history of this restored building. Please book tickets online in advance.

Castell Caernarfon

  1. Medieval MerrimentSaturday 17th and Sunday 18th August, 11am-4pm

Experience medieval life within the walls of Castell Caernarfon, with combat displays, archery, dancing and demonstrations. 

Castell Cricieth

  1. Knight SchoolSaturday 20th and Sunday 21st July, 11am-4pm

Visit the armourer’s tent and examine the weapons and armour that the castle’s garrison used to protect themselves from attack. Learn what it takes to become a squire and how to progress to knighthood in the Middle Ages. Event includes Mini Warriors Battle show – a have-a-go foam sword fun for all the family.

Castell Harlech

  1. Dragon DaysFriday 2nd and Saturday 3rd August, 11am-4pm

Action-packed days of dragons, crafting, characters, magic and more.

Castell Rhuddlan

  1. Summer Teddy Bear’s PicnicSunday 28th July, 11am-3pm

Particularly suitable for small children, bring a picnic and a rug and enjoy tales of bears and other enchanting animals, brought vividly to life through narration, music and song.

  1. Ferrets and FalconsSunday 18th and Monday 19th August, 11am-4pm

Watch as the swift, nimble ferrets race each other around the castle and find out how they were used in the Middle Ages. You’ll be able to see a mix of majestic birds of prey; from falcons, red kites and the much-loved owl.

Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths

  1. It’s Bath TimeEvery day from Saturday 20th July – Saturday 31st August, 10am-4pm

Visit Caerleon Roman Baths and dip your toe in the Summer Trail. Explore the remains of the immense natatio, or open-air swimming pool, that once held more than 80,000 gallons of water.

Llangar Old Church

  1. Llangar Old Parish Church Guided ToursSunday 28th July and Saturday 24th August, 11am-2pm

One of Wales’ hidden gems, Llangar Old Church is located in splendid isolation overlooking the River Dee. But what’s so valuable about it? Find out more on a guided tour. Please book tickets online in advance.

Plas Mawr

  1. Meet the HouseholdSaturday 27th July, 11am-4pm

Visit Britain’s finest town house of the golden Elizabethan age, and meet members of the household in residence to find out more about their lives. Multiple activities will be taking place, including dancing and traditional games.

Segontium Roman Fort

  1. Segontium Roman Fort Guided ToursSaturday 20th July and Sunday 18th August, 11am-2pm

Enjoy a guided tour of this Roman stronghold that passed into Welsh legend. Please book tickets online in advance.

Valle Crucis Abbey

  1. Valle Crucis Abbey Guided ToursSaturday 13th July and Saturday 17th August, 11am-2pm

Experience one of the best-preserved abbeys in Wales and delve into its rich history with a guided tour. Please book tickets online in advance.

Chepstow Castle

  1. Juggling Jim’s Jester SchoolSaturday 20th July and Sunday 21st July, 10am-4pm

Find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a medieval jester. From juggling and diablo, to plate spinning and tightrope walking, practice all the skills needed to entertain a medieval lord and lady.

  1. Let’s Discover… Chain MailTuesday 13th August, 10am-4pm

Make your own patch of maille (chain mail) to take home with you, learning how it was made with the tools and techniques of the past. 

  1. Make and TakeEvery Wednesday from 24th July to 28th August, 10am-4pm

Drop-in sessions every Wednesday during the school summer holidays for children to make something to play with in the castle, and then take home with them.

  1. Chepstow Under Siege 1645Saturday 3rd August and Sunday 4th August, 10am-4pm

Experience the hustle and bustle of life during the English Civil War, with soldiers on guard and encampment showing everyday life, and weapon displays to enjoy.

There will be opportunities to try on armour and handle the weapons, and children can take part in drills to see what it takes to be a solider defending the castle.

For a full list of Cadw events over the summer holidays and admission information, visit Cadw’s website.