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Dolly Parton to explore Welsh roots near Tenby in upcoming TV special

COUNTRY legend Dolly Parton, who has discovered her Welsh heritage, is set to explore her roots in an upcoming TV special. Although the 78-year-old 9 to 5 star was born in Tennessee, she recently learned that her ancestors hailed from near Tenby.

Dolly, accompanied by her family, will visit Wales, known for its rich singing tradition, as part of a four-part docu-series to be released next year. Her niece, singer Jada Star, shared that they traced their DNA back to Wales.

“Dolly is releasing a four-part docu-series about our roots and where we come from. There’ll be lots of footage from over there,” Jada revealed. She added that Dolly is just as glamorous in private as she appears in public. “I have never seen her unglammed in my life. She never wears slippers. Even when she’s lounging around her own house in PJ’s, she still wears Frederick’s fluffy Marabou high heel slip-ons. She has them in every colour to slip on when she’s relaxing at home.”

Following in her aunt’s footsteps, Jada will perform at Glastonbury next month. “Dolly is so excited for me,” she said. “Her main advice was, ‘Make sure to bring your rain boots’.”

Reflecting on Dolly’s memorable performance at Glastonbury in 2014, Jada noted that it gave her aunt “a new lease of life”. Jada’s new single, Keeper of My Heart, is out now.