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How can you play bingo at home?

Playing bingo at home is an entertaining and engaging activity for adults of all ages. Whether you’re organising a family game night or hosting a virtual gathering with friends, setting up a bingo game is simple and requires minimal materials. 

Here’s all the information you need to host a successful session at home.

How to play bingo at home 

  1. Choose your format

Decide whether to play with physical cards and markers or utilise online bingo apps for virtual play

Which one is right for you will depend on the type of experience you want. Physical cards are nostalgic as you can dab away at your card until you get a line or two. If you want a low-key affair (without the risk of getting dink all over your brand-new sofa!), online is the way to go. 

  1. Gather your materials 

Once you’ve decided on the format, it’s time to gather your materials. If you’ve opted for a traditional game, you’ll need: 

  • Bingo cards
  • Daubers 
  • A bingo caller 

If you’re trying online bingo, you’ll need to make sure everyone has their mobile device, a secure internet connection and access to an app. It’s a good idea to ask guests to sign up a few days in advance as each player will need to prove they are over 18 years old as per the advice from the Gambling Commission

  1. Set up the game 

If you’re playing traditional bingo, you’ll need to make sure everyone has a card and can hear the caller. 

Once you’ve done this, make sure to communicate with each player which pattern is needed to win. Usually, this is one line, two lines or a full house. If you’re playing for rewards, let everyone know what they’re playing for! Vouchers, a box of gourmet chocolates or even a bottle of wine usually go down a treat. 

  1. Call numbers

Now, it’s the caller’s time to shine. To call the numbers, mix numbered balls thoroughly in a bingo cage. If you don’t have one, a random number generator can be used instead.

Draw one ball at a time, clearly announcing the number combination. Make sure you show everyone the number – and don’t forget the appropriate lingo! 

  1. Spice up your night

If you’re bored of the classic game, there are plenty of variations you can try. For instance, you could try a movie-themed or holiday-themed bingo. 

You could even introduce a forfeit for players that falsely call a full house!  

Final thoughts…

Hosting a bingo night at home is a fun, inclusive activity that requires minimal setup. By following the simple steps above, you can make sure everyone has a great night. So, gather your materials, call those numbers and let the fun begin!