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Phillip Schofield at his mum’s bedside as she is taken to hospital

Phillip Schofield has been closely monitoring the health of his mother, who was admitted to the hospital in a serious condition. The devoted presenter reportedly maintained a constant presence by his mother’s bedside throughout the weekend. Fortunately, according to The Mail, she has now been discharged from the hospital and has returned home to Cornwall. It was revealed that Phillip, who was recently seen in Cornwall with his mother, is taking care of her as she recuperates. In fact, he intends to stay in Newquay to provide support during her recovery.

A source disclosed to MailOnline the challenging ordeal that Pat, Phillip’s 87-year-old mother, has endured: “It’s a relief for everyone that Pat is home; it has been a terribly torrid time for her. She has been under so much stress lately. It is a lot for anyone, let alone someone of her age. Phillip is playing the dutiful son and is planning to spend time in Cornwall caring for her.”

Sadly, this difficult period for Pat coincides with a series of personal challenges faced by her sons. Notably, Phillip Schofield lost all his TV presenting roles after admitting to an affair with a younger colleague and initially concealing the truth. Furthermore, her other son, Timothy, has been imprisoned for child sex offenses.

A sympathetic insider conveyed to The Sun the poignant irony of the situation: “Given that his mother was the woman Phillip turned to in his hour of need, her illness is a particularly cruel twist of fate. He adores his mother, and the whole family is trying to remain hopeful and keep faith that Pat will make a full recovery.”

The Schofield family is now rallying together, drawing strength from their bond, as they navigate these challenging circumstances and hope for Pat’s complete restoration to health.