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The most haunted places in Wales

A new study has discovered which parts of Wales are the most haunted, and it isn’t good news for those in the capital.

The study, by PaulCamper, a campervan rental platform, found that topping the list of Wales’ spookiest places is the capital, Cardiff. This coastal city has been the setting for 23 paranormal occurrences, including cryptozoology and crisis manifestation.

But where can you see these ghouls?

Branded the UK’s most haunted hospital, Cardiff Royal Infirmary dates back to the 1880s and is renowned for scary experiences. 

More recently (2021), there have been several ghostly sightings at The Lansdowne pub in Cardiff, where the ghost dubbed ‘Lady Lansdowne’ makes her presence known to patrons.

Second in Wales is Monmouth with 14 sightings; not a huge number but for those that are easily scared anything higher than zero is unnerving. Despite a lower number, Monmouth can brag about having a sighting of its very own VAMPIRE, as well as haunting manifestations. One building said to be particularly rife with paranormal activity is the listed building, Shire Hall in Monmouth Town. 

Third in Wales is Conwy with 12 sightings. Excitingly though, unlike the capital, one of these reported sightings was in fact of a DRAGON. Another location that appeared on Most Haunted (in 2006) is Plas Mawr, located in Conwy. 

Gwent is the most haunted area of Wales, but, according to the study, Dyfed, despite not existing for 25 years, isn’t far behind.

When it came to the counties in Wales, Gwent was the most haunted with 143 recorded paranormal sightings, the majority of which were haunting manifestations- but there have also been 13 recorded sightings of fairies and 13 of legends as well as five poltergeists!

Undead Dyfed wasn’t far behind with just three less at 140 and in third place was Clwyd with 132 paranormal occurrences.

Steven Hagenah, UK Country Lead for PaulCamper comments: “Staycations have never been so popular. Now lockdown restrictions are lifted in England, many people are keen to get away from home and experience something a bit different.

“These most-haunted places to visit offer exactly that, some excitement after a year that most of us would rather forget. Soon it will be Halloween and there’s no better reason to combine travel with a spooky thrill. Hiring a campervan, setting off on a road trip and sleeping overnight in the scariest spot in Wales is an unforgettable adventure!”