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The Welsh revealed as the UK’s most avid music listeners

DEMONSTRATING an unrivalled passion for music, the Welsh listen to music more regularly than any other region across the UK according to new research by OREO. The enlightening survey, which explored the music listening habits of the nation, showed that 78% of Welsh people listen to music at least once a day.

Extending that, an impressive (and again nation topping) 32% of Welsh people spend an mammoth 16-20 hours a week listening to music – That’s up to a month and a half a year dedicated to the pastime!

The research also revealed insights into the relationship between music and our social lives with the Welsh preferring to listen to music (40%) than go on holiday (30%). When it comes to travelling however the Welsh were tied with Londoners as the most likely to argue with family about what’s on the car radio (28%). Showing a passion for live music, a sizeable majority of Welsh people have also met a longstanding friend at a live show (57%).

When it comes to taste, the Welsh and the Scottish share a soft spot for 80s classics while Londoners have an eclectic music taste but love Hip Hop and Rap the most. Yorkshire and Humber on the other hand love Indie Music, which comes as no surprise with iconic bands such as Pulp, Artic Monkeys and the Kaiser Chiefs all coming from the region. Meanwhile, Northern Ireland showed the most love for House and Disco music. 

Although the UK is divided by its musical preferences, we are united by our love for music with Brits citing listening to music as their favourite thing to do, beating travelling, going out for dinner and watching TV.

OREO commissioned the research to discover how much music connects the nation and is now on a mission to compile a playlist of the UK’s favourite tracks that will unite Brits, no matter where we are.

The cookie brand has already toured the nation, visiting Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff and London, as part of its OREO Taste of the Nation Tour to ask people to tell them their favourite songs and is now asked all music lovers across the country to help curate the ultimate unifying mixtape by submitting their top tune in an online survey.

The most voted songs were compiled into the OREO Taste of the Nation Mixtape which will be available to stream on Spotify and www.pressplaywithoreo.com when the definitive sound of the UK is revealed in mid-October. 

Bryony Tate, Brand Manager for OREO UK&I, said“We were blown away by the findings of our research and to discover such contrasting musical preferences from regions only miles apart. At OREO, we believe music has the power to connect people in playful ways and now we want to bring the nation together through their united loved for music. We are excited to be creating a mixtape that is made of songs loved and voted for by the public and can’t wait to see what tracks are put forward. We hope all Brits will have their say and help us compile the ultimate mixtape for all to enjoy!”

Key findings of the research also include:

  • Although, 58% Brits claim that music makes them feel connected to those around them, 53% of people also admitted that they’re not fans of their partners, friends or families’ taste in music and even more struggle to choose what songs to play at group gatherings (60%)
  • Most Brits (66%) listen to music every day and a staggering 81% connect music to happiness

For more information, head to OREO’s Instagram @oreouki.