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Why is Bitcoin Pizza Day So Significant for Traders?

Bitcoin Pizza Day, celebrated every 22nd of May, is a notable day in the Bitcoin community. What is the story behind this celebration? On 22nd May 2010, a man spent 10,000 bitcoins to buy two pizzas, which were worth around $41 at that time.

Today, those bitcoins would be valued at approximately $670 million. Do you think the purchaser regrets this transaction? Surprisingly, in an interview, he mentioned that he doesn’t; it helped establish Bitcoin’s value as a currency.

Since then, the crypto community has chosen a new coin each year to “play pizza day” with, speculating that these pizzas will be worth thousands of dollars in the future. They’ve done this with various coins and have often been correct. Are you curious about which coin might be chosen for 2024?

Which Tokens Have Historically Benefited the Most on Pizza Day?

Ethereum also had its turn on Pizza Day. In 2016, many in the crypto community bought pizzas with ETH when it was valued at $5 each.

In 2020, they did the same with Solana, which was priced at $2 and later soared to $200, marking a 10,000% increase.

What Could Be the Breakthrough Token of This Pizza Day?

Experts suggest that this year’s potential “next unicorn” coin could be SOIL. This token is aligned with the prevailing trend in cryptocurrencies: RWA (Real World Assets) Tokens.

Furthermore, SOIL is gaining popularity across Europe through various marketing events and is already listed on major exchanges, similar to how SOL was in 2020.

What Should You Anticipate on This Day?

It’s a day to monitor the market closely, as coins like SOIL could experience significant gains. This could suggest that the community is betting on it to succeed in the upcoming months and years.

It’s also a day to enjoy the memes on Twitter. Many influencers discuss crypto while referencing the famous pizzas from 2010, which could result in positive market movements.