Four working mums, two of which are Welsh, will set off to the freezing Atlantic ocean in a 3000 mile expedition from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean on December 12th

‘The Mothership’ consists of Pippa Edwards and Felicity Ashley of Monmouthshire along with Jo Blackshaw and Lebby Eyres – all of whom will face a grueling 40 days alone and unaided at sea together.

Together they are hoping to inspire their children, along with people around the world, that anything is possible regardless of your gender.

The grueling crossing of the second largest ocean in the world will consist of 30 foot waves, incredible cases of sleep deprivation, beastly weather conditions – all lasting for 40 days as they complete their trip

Jo Blackshaw and Lebby Eyres bring some experience to the boat as they previously rowed in the boat race for Oxford University, but nothing will have truly prepared them for what’s on their hands now.

“We hope that our children will be proud of this and will look on things like this as perfectly achievable,” Ashley said as she spoke to BBC Sport Wales.

“That’s the mindset we’re all driven to give our children is go for it, we are not four elite athletes, we are four working mums.”

The team were inspired originally by Pippa Edwards’ husband completing the challenge in 2019 – a time where Felicity Ashley was recovering from a hip replacement.

Ashley said: “I initially thought he was absolutely bonkers and then by the time it came to watching him finish live on Facebook, it was such a spine tingling experience, I just thought how incredible that would be,”

“My hip was stronger than ever and I thought there’s no reason why I couldn’t do it, and what a brilliant thing to do to prove to myself and anyone out there, that it doesn’t matter what kind of challenges you have to overcome if you’ve got the right mindset, you can do anything.”

The Mothership sets sail on December 12th

Joe Lewis of Aberystwyth and Jessica Mullins of Penarth are other Welsh people involved in the challenge, as they join Jessica Goddard and Lauren Hunt aboard ‘In Deep Ship’.

Best of luck to ALL parties!!