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Get involved during this year’s Wales Outdoor Learning Week

WALES Outdoor Learning Week, which takes place this week, aims to encourage and inspire educators, teachers, learning groups and families in Wales to embed outdoor learning into school and family life and reap the many benefits it brings.

This year’s theme is active learning in the outdoors to encourage healthy and confident individuals.

You can take part by attending one of the organised events across Wales or simply take a walk in a local woodland, a toddle along a beach, or a stretch in the park.

Clare Pillman, Chief Executive, said:

“We’re proud to be hosting the fourth Wales Outdoor Learning Week with the Wales Council for Outdoor Learning and want to encourage people young and old to connect with nature and the environment. Evidence shows that connecting with nature is good for us and the wider environment, encouraging lifelong positive behaviours.”

For more information visit Natural Resources Wales / Education, learning and skills