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Government energy saving campaign goes on tour as Shapps partners with Uber to drive down household bills

ENERGY Security Secretary Grant Shapps and Uber buckle up to promote ways households can drive down energy bills – putting the brakes on needless energy use.

Uber app will show many of its 5 million users hitching a ride how to steer clear of hundreds of pounds in unnecessary household energy costs.

Partnership is the latest in the government’s ‘It All Adds Up’ campaign – which comes after taking the wheel and paying half of people’s energy bills this winter.

Hitching an Uber will not just get passengers from A to B – it will also mean money-saving tips on cutting energy use from this week (Friday 3 March).

The Government today partners with the ride-hailing firm to pass on advice from the ‘It All Adds Up’ campaign, which will appear in the Uber app. Activities that can up people’s energy use – and their bills – will be brought to a screeching halt through tips offered as people prepare to hit the town, get to their office or make their way home.

It will offer simple, low or no-cost actions for households to score a perfect five-star rating for energy efficiency – immediately cutting use and saving up to hundreds of pounds while making sure people can stay safe and warm this winter. With Uber customers across over 300,000 rides expected to receive the money-saving messaging over the next two weeks, the tie up will help to lower household energy bills into the spring.

The Government knows this is a difficult time for families, which is why it has covered around half of the typical household’s energy bill this winter, and by the end of June the Energy Price Guarantee will have saved a typical household in Great Britain around £1,000 since it began in October. In the meantime, the Government is committed to helping people with rising costs by reducing inflation and growing the economy.

And it comes with the meter held at zero – Uber has agreed to help promote this important information by sharing ‘Uber Journey Ads’ to many of its 5 million active users as they take a ride. The initiative is part of the Government’s £18 million ‘It All Adds Up’ energy saving campaign, launched back in December to raise public awareness of straightforward – but not widely adopted – actions UK households can take.

Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Our campaign to cut people’s bills is reaching top gear – meaning Uber customers can wise up when they buckle up by receiving advice on driving down their household costs and potentially save hundreds of pounds.

“We’re already covering around half of a typical household’s energy bill this winter – but we want people to accelerate savings with simple steps and this new partnership with Uber will allow riders to take the high road towards lower bills.”

Paul Wright, Head of Uber Advertising, Uber UK, said: “Uber is in a unique position to be supporting the Government’s ‘It All Adds Up’ energy saving campaign as we can reach many of our 5 million active users as they take a ride. The partnership will enable the Government to use ‘Uber Journey Ads’ to provide consumers with essential information to help them easily reduce their energy spend.”

The ‘It All Adds Up’ campaign was launched back in December with a new website to promote top recommended energy saving actions, including:

Reducing the temperature a combi boiler heats water to before it is sent to radiators (known as the boiler flow temperature) down to 60⁰C, which will not reduce the temperature of your home but could save around £100 annually.
Turning appliances off at the plug, which could save approximately £70 per year.
Finding and fixing draughts such as by putting draught excluders around doors or by adding clear film across windows, which could save around £60 a year.
The Government also recently announced the launch of its Energy Efficiency Taskforce, which aims to accelerate household insulation, boiler upgrades and business energy efficiency measures to help cut national energy consumption by 15% from 2021 levels over the next seven years.

Anybody looking for more information on energy saving tips and the ‘It All Adds Up’ campaign should visit the GOV.UK website, which is running alongside the government’s wider ‘Help for Households’ campaign. In addition to the Uber partnership, the energy saving campaign has been promoted through adverts across TV, radio, digital platforms and on digital billboards since its launch last year.