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New protocol to help find missing people experiencing a mental health crisis is launched

A NEW protocol has been introduced by Gwent Police to help find missing people with ill mental health.

The Ellam Protocol, a national scheme being introduced by police in partnership with other agencies is to support people with mental health issues and those who care for them, to provide information to the police that will help to locate that person should they go missing.

On average, six people in a mental health crisis were reported as missing last month to Gwent Police.

The protocol asks people suffering with ill mental health and those who support them such as carers, family members and support workers, to complete in advance a form recording vital details which can be accessed quickly by officers should their loved one be reported as missing.

The form holds personal details such as a description, a photograph, medication required, mobile numbers, previous addresses, and locations of significance to that individual.

Inspector Jennie Tinsley-Brustad said:

“When someone who is experiencing a mental health crisis goes missing it is very distressing for their family and friends. This form can provide valuable information to assist us in the search for that missing vulnerable person and enhance the chances of locating that person quickly and safely.

“We hope that individuals and their families who choose to complete this form will never have to use them, however by having a completed form to hand it gives relatives peace of mind that they’re providing us with relevant information to be able to send officers quickly to places where their loved ones could be should they go missing.

“When someone is reported as missing – every minute counts and this scheme could help save lives. If you have a loved one who is struggling with their mental health and are concerned that they may go missing, I urge you to talk to them, seek support and get in contact with us about signing up to the Ellam Protocol.”

If you would like more information or would like a registration form, then please get in contact with us via [email protected]

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