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Is twenty plenty? New poll suggests more people now support reduced speed limits

A new poll has revealed that there is greater support for the new 20mph speed limit in Wales compared to opposition. This new speed limit was implemented on most roads that were previously 30mph zones in Wales on Sunday.

The primary objective behind this change is to reduce the number of road accidents, with estimates suggesting it could potentially result in up to 20,000 fewer accidents over the next decade. Additionally, it aims to save lives and decrease pollution. Although some opposition to this policy exists, a Senedd petition advocating for the repeal of the law has garnered over 300,000 signatures.

Nonetheless, a recent poll indicates that the opposing viewpoint is not the prevailing sentiment in Wales. According to a survey conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, 46% of respondents expressed support for the policy, while 34% voiced opposition. This tally excludes individuals who responded with “don’t know” or “neither.”

Across the board, the highest level of support was among Labour voters, boasting a net support rate of 23 percentage points. Plaid Cymru supporters showed a net support of 9%, while Conservative voters registered at 7%. The survey, encompassing 1,172 individuals in Wales, was conducted between September 16th and 17th.

Despite their initial support for the policy, the Welsh Conservatives have now become increasingly vocal in their opposition to the new speed limit. Party leader Andrew RT Davies has referred to it as a “blanket change,” although it’s important to note that many roads are exempt from this policy.

Since the implementation of the speed limit, several Senedd members have faced harassment on social media and over the phone. In response, the Llywydd at the Senedd has had to remind members to exercise greater caution in their choice of language during debates.