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Major blaze at Evri parcel depot near Bristol

A SIGNIFICANT fire has erupted at the bustling Evri depot in Avonmouth, sending orange flames billowing from the structure and casting a sprawling plume of black smoke visible for miles around. Avon Fire and Rescue Service has issued a precautionary advisory, urging locals to keep their windows and doors shut in response to the unfolding situation.

In a recent social media update on X platform, Avon Fire and Rescue Service disclosed, “We currently have 16 appliances in attendance at a warehouse fire in Avonmouth. If you live and work in the local area, we’d advise you to keep your windows and doors shut. More updates to follow.” The message underscored the gravity of the situation and the need for immediate action to mitigate potential risks to public health.

Despite ongoing efforts by firefighters to contain the blaze, the situation remains dynamic. An updated communication from the fire service emphasised the persistence of the firefighting operation, stating, “Crews remain on scene to tackle the fire. Please be advised to avoid the local area where possible around St Andrews Road, Avonmouth.” This clear directive underscores the importance of safety measures in the vicinity of the incident.

Eyewitness accounts shared on social media platforms such as Facebook have provided additional insights into the unfolding events. Speculation about the cause of the fire has sparked discussion, with some attributing it to an electric vehicle. However, conflicting opinions persist, with others refuting this claim and highlighting the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the cause.

Georgia Ballard, an eyewitness present at the scene, recounted her observations on Facebook, stating, “It wasn’t the electric car that started it. We’re unsure but this was the fire at the start and as you can see it’s not near the car. The fire took hold and within about 6 mins the car then got battered by fire, to which at that point us being the building next to them had to move well away from the windows.” Ballard’s firsthand account underscores the rapid escalation of the situation and the necessity for immediate action to ensure the safety of individuals in the vicinity.