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Major unrest at Parc Prison following mounting drugs deaths

PARC PRISON in South Wales has been engulfed in chaos over the past 24 hours, with a riot involving around twenty prisoners erupting, and growing unrest among inmates and their families.

This comes on the heels of a troubling series of deaths within the prison. The unrest at Parc follows the death of Warren Manners, 38, marking the tenth inmate to die in just over three months.

Emergency services at the prison at 1.30am on Saturday (Image: Facebook)

Manners’ death, which occurred earlier this week, has intensified scrutiny on the prison, particularly concerning allegations of drug misuse among prisoners. South Wales Police have reported that four of the ten deaths were related to synthetic opioids, including Nitazene and Spice.

The epicentre of the current disturbance appears to be B3 wing.

As well as the riot, there was a seperate incident involving a number of prisoners, some of whom required hospital treatment.

An air ambulance was dispatched to the prison, but was not needed, it has been confirmed.

Throughout the night, sounds of shouting and unrest have been heard from within the prison, particularly by those gathered in the top car park. Families and friends of inmates have converged outside, expressing their support by honking car horns—a gesture aimed at showing solidarity but one that has drawn mixed reactions from the community.

The scene outside Parc Prison has been marked by both solidarity and tension. Friends and families of inmates have gathered, creating a noisy environment by continuously honking car horns. While some see this as a show of support, others fear it might escalate the situation further. There have been calls by some for more extreme measures, including blocking the prison’s exits with vehicles.

The response from the authorities has been robust yet somewhat fragmented. Reports indicate that the government has taken control of the situation from G4S, the private company managing the prison. Riot vans and police have been deployed to handle the unrest, and some staff members appear to be leaving, possibly indicating a shift in control or an attempt to de-escalate the situation.

A significant challenge throughout this crisis has been the lack of clear communication from prison authorities. Families of inmates have expressed frustration over the sparse information available, leading to widespread speculation and misinformation. Social media has been abuzz with various unverified claims about the conditions inside the prison and the reasons behind the riot.

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The spate of deaths at Parc Prison has been linked to drug misuse, with synthetic opioids playing a central role. In March, the prisons and probation ombudsman, Adrian Usher, issued a stark warning urging inmates to dispose of synthetic drugs like Spice. Despite these warnings, the drug-related deaths have continued, raising serious questions about the prison’s ability to control substance misuse within its walls.

A HMP Parc spokesperson told The Pembrokeshire Herald: “Staff at HMP Parc swiftly resolved two short-lived incidents involving prisoners on Friday, with no officers injured.

“Those involved will receive the strongest possible punishments, including criminal prosecution.”

“There were two short-lived incidents at HMP Parc on Friday 31 May. One involved approximately twenty prisoners and thanks to the efforts of our staff, was safely resolved.”

Parc Prison confirmed that mutual was sought from HMPPS, and was received “in line with national protocol.”

A spokesperson explained that the second incident was unrelated and involved an altercation between three prisoners, who required hospital treatment.

“No injuries sustained were life-threatening. An air ambulance did attend the site but was not needed. No staff were injured in either incident.”

Even before the latest trouble, the situation at Parc Prison has drawn national attention, with two MPs calling on the UK government to intervene and take charge of the prison. The families of deceased inmates have also protested outside the jail, demanding justice and better conditions for those still incarcerated.

There were protests outside the prison this week (Image BBC)