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Police officer sentenced for ‘prolonged’ attack on wife in front of children

A former police officer has been sentenced by a Crown Court Judge for committing a prolonged and aggravated assault on his wife as his young children looked on in fear.

Imposing sentence on Robert Martin Flanagan, 55, Judge Niclas Parry said the officer had displayed ‘aggression as the norm’.

“It was frightening to the children as well as to your wife,” said Justice  Parry from Mold Crown Court.

“It was a culmination of unacceptable behaviour. Even as one child saw their mother injured, you prevented a call being made. You displayed arrogance”

The offence was committed almost four years ago at the family home in Manafon, near Welshpool.  As the children looked on, they made attempts to contact the emergency services, But they were prevented from doing so by their father.

Flanagan, who had spent the previous 30 years as a serving police officer, was charged with assault causing actual bodily harm. he changed his plea to guilty after hearing the evidence presented to the court by the Prosecution.

Flanagan was also sentenced for contempt of court after the jury overheard him making demeaning remarks in relation to police officers who had given evidence during his trial.

Judge Niclas Parry said the consequences of Flanagan’s actions had been grave,

“What the jury heard during the trial was a story of a husband and father who was displaying aggression as a norm,” he said.

“Quite disgracefully during the trial you underlined your character by making demeaning remarks to young officers during evidence. After a 30-year career in the police force that underlines how your behaviour has changed.”

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The judge added that the level of culpability was “most serious” because it was a prolonged and aggravated assault on a victim in her own home who was vulnerable because of her illness, and it was in front of children.

“You are a man whose life had fallen apart,” Judge Parry said. “I bear in mind the stress and anxiety caused to you as result of a tragic bereavement many years ago, and the impact on your wife who became alcohol dependant. You lived in a permanent state of anxiety.

“The consequences have been grave. You’ve lost your good character, pride, home, wife and children. There is another side to your character.”

Flanagan, of Redditch in Worcestershire, was sentenced to 12 months in prison for ABH and one month in prison for contempt of court, suspended for 12 months.  He was ordered to complete a 15-day rehabilitation requirement and 35 sessions, and pay a £140 victim surcharge.