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An interview with Plaid’s Leanne Wood

Leanne Wood © Alan Evans
Leanne Wood  © Alan Evans
Leanne Wood
© Alan Evans

HERALD reporter Alan Evans caught up with Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood during her visit to Carmarthen on the eve of the General Election (May 6).  

You’re in with a chance in Carmarthenshire, what are your chances?

Jonathan Edwards has done an excellent job of representing Carmarthenshire. We have an excellent team throughout the county and Wales. You said Labour had taken the people of Wales for granted. What do you mean? People are fed up being expected to vote for a party that hasn’t actually delivered any positive changes for them. Every time Labour has had an opportunity of office in Westminster they’ve not done anything to turn around the economic fortunes of Wales. If we keep doing what we’ve always done we get what we’ve always got. It’s time to give Plaid Cymru a chance.

Local Government are not transparent. What can you do to reform that from where you are?

The case for reform of Local Government is well made. There is too much power in the hands of unelected officials and the cabinet system seems to be contributing to that.  Possibly reducing the number of councils and councillors that we’ve got overall in order to provide additional resources for increased numbers of assembly members.

The chief executives are making savage cuts when they are on more money than the Prime Minister. Is there anything you can do about that and is that something, which is in your sights?

Absolutely and Rhodri Glyn Thomas has been doing some sterling work on this question at the Assembly looking at reducing or capping the pay the chief officers can make. It makes people angry and rightly so because austerity has been all about punishing the poorest while lining the pockets of those earning the most. This example of top officer’s pay lays it bare. I feel angry about it myself.