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Labour declares itself the ‘natural party of business’

THE SHADOW chancellor has positioned Labour as the party to ensure economic stability in her first major speech of the election campaign.

Rachel Reeves, Labour’s shadow chancellor, proclaimed that Labour is the “natural party of British business,” including supporting high salaries for bosses. In her speech, Reeves aimed to convince voters that Labour is now both pro-business and pro-workers.

Reeves also reiterated Labour’s commitment to bringing the UK closer to the European Union and attracting investment back to Britain. She highlighted an open letter from 120 business leaders endorsing Labour as evidence of the party’s transformation.

“Today I want to put forward a simple proposition that this changed Labour Party is today the natural party of British business,” Reeves stated at the Rolls-Royce factory in Derby.

“The choice before the British people on the 4th of July is five more years of chaos with the Conservative Party leaving working people worse off, or stability with a changed Labour Party.”

Reeves emphasised that Labour aspires to be a government that is “pro-worker and pro-business in the knowledge that each depends upon the success of the other.”