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Labour to hit Welsh workers with a £1,084 tax bombshell

LABOUR plan to hit Welsh workers with a £1,084 tax bombshell if they hold onto power after May’s Senedd election. 

Proposals to hike income tax and council tax for Welsh workers, plus new taxes on drivers parking at work and using trunk roads, would hammer the incomes of hardworking people and do nothing to help with the cost of living in Wales.

Welsh Conservatives have calculated that each working adult could pay up to £1,084 a year under Labour. 

This is made up by a potential increase of 1% in the basic rate of income tax (£138), increase in council tax (£32), a parking levy (£424) and new road tolls for driving to work (£490), based on 1.39 million working adults.

These staggering costs could increase when Labour consider the introduction of other taxes such as social care and tourism that would hit Welsh staycations. 

Commenting on the “reckless” and “devastating” tax plans, Welsh Conservative economy spokesperson, Russell George said: 

“Labour’s tax plans are reckless and will be devastating for hardworking Welsh people. 

“After the most difficult 12 months peacetime Wales has ever experienced, we need to be helping families, workers and businesses get back on their feet – not taxing them to high heaven.

“Labour’s plans would hold back our economic recovery and hit people where it hurts most – in the pocket with a £1,084 tax bombshell – spelling disaster for Wales.

“This is a double whammy from Labour who have caused Welsh workers to already miss out on £2,600 a year, compared to the pay of Scottish and English workers.

“We need to turn the page after 22 years of Labour, and only the Welsh Conservatives have a plan to build a stronger economy and a better Wales, without introducing new taxes.”