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‘NHS must be protected’

PLAID CYMRU leader, Leanne Wood, has welcomed the findings of a new Ipsos MORI survey of nearly 1,800 people for the Health Foundation think tank. The survey found that 85% thought the NHS should be protected from cuts – significantly more than other public services. When asked how this should be funded, the majority (59%) supported tax rises. 

Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood, said: “Our National Health Service is precious and it is essential that it is protected from privatisation and kept free at the point of delivery. Plaid Cymru wholly rejects any moves to privatise the NHS as I stated in the TV leaders debate last Thursday (Apr 2). A price should never be put on the ability of people to access the healthcare they need. That is why budgets for the NHS should be protected and the money raised through general taxation.”