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Nick Ramsay to stand as Independent in Monmouth

THE FORMER Conservative Shadow Finance Minister, Nick Ramsay, is to stand as an Independent on May 6 for the Monmouth constituency.

Mr Ramsay who stood aside from selection as the Welsh Conservative candidate for Monmouth earlier this month, announced his Senedd run on Sunday, March 28.

Nick Ramsay also announced he had quit the Conservative Party.

In recent times, Nick Ramsay has had a difficult relationship both with the Conservative Party and some of his local Party’s members.

An attempt to exclude him from the Senedd group ended up with him taking the Party to Court.

When the Monmouthshire constituency Conservative Party tried to deselect him as its candidate in November 2020, Mr Ramsay sued the constituency association.

A one-time contender for the Conservative leadership in the Senedd, Nick Ramsay held Monmouth for the Conservatives from 2007 onwards.

He held a majority of over 5,000 votes over second-placed Labour in 2016.