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The First Minister’s message to the people of Wales on St David’s Day

HAPPY St David’s Day – Dydd Gwyl Ddewi hapus i chi.

As we celebrate our national day, we’re also welcoming in the spring.

It’s a time when nature’s colour starts to reappear after the long winter months.

A time to look forward with hope for the future.

This is especially true this year, as we hope to leave the worst of the pandemic behind us.

It’s been a difficult two years during which we’ve all made sacrifices to keep each other safe.

I want to thank everyone for everything you’ve done to look after and protect one another.  

As we move forward, we are working hard to create a stronger, fairer and greener Wales, in which no one is left behind.

A country where people don’t have to choose between putting food on the table or heating their homes.

A place where everyone is welcome.

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And a Wales where our children can reach their dreams and ambitions, without thinking they have to move away to succeed.

These are aims I’m sure St David would have agreed with.

As we celebrate St David’s Day this year, wherever we are in the world, let’s all do a little something to brighten up someone else’s day.

We can call them random acts of Welshness!

Mwynhewch – enjoy the celebrations.  

Dydd Gwyl Ddewi hapus i chi.