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Thousands claimed by Welsh MP’s on language lessons

A UK Parliament report has revealed the amount of money Welsh MP’s have claimed for them to learn foreign languages.

Conservative MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire, Stephen Crabb and Nia Griffiith, Labour MP for Llanelli, have both spent over £2,000 on learning languages.

The House of Commons regularly approves funding to allow Members of Parliament to receive training which aids “their parliamentary duties”.

This includes developing their existing skills or learning new languages.

During the financial year of 20/21, Stephen Crabb MP spent £2,329.00 on learning French and Nia Griffith MP spent £3,822.84 on learning Polish.

When asked about the language lessons, Nia Griffith said: “I decided to make the effort to learn Polish because I was coming across Polish residents in Llanelli who needed help, but who have difficulty with English.

“I have been able to use the Polish I have learned to help Polish constituents with many different matters, including applying for settled status and dealing with employment issues, as well as giving out information on things such as Covid vaccinations.

“Although, before becoming an MP, I taught French for many years, and have therefore been able to study Polish at home by myself, it is a very different and difficult language, and so the lessons have been very useful in making sure that I can pronounce things correctly, and use the right words to explain some complicated issues.”

Elsewhere, UK taxpayer’s also spent over £8000 so that Shrewsbury MP Daniel Kawczynski could learn Polish, £4000 on Punjabi lessons for Wolverhampton South MP Stuart Anderson and £3,400 to improve Bristol West MP Thangam Debbonaire’s Arabic.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have demanded that Pembrokeshire’s Conservative MPs Simon Hart and Stephen Crabb show “backbone” and submit motions of no confidence to in Prime Minister Boris Johnson over his involvement in the parties held in Downing Street.

Boris Johnson is set to face a difficult day as reports continue to break that many more letters from Conservative MPs have gone into the 1922 Committee.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader and Mid & West Wales MS Jane Dodds said:

“Simon Hart and Stephen Crabb need to be frank and honest with their constituents and show some backbone and submit a motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Johnson.

“It is utterly clear that the Prime Minister has completely lost the trust and confidence of the public over the last few weeks. We cannot afford to have the leadership of the country left distracted and weak at a time when we are dealing with multiple crisis, not least to cost-of-living crisis, which is impacting families up and down Powys.

“Both Simon Hart and Stephen Crabb need to decide whether they represent their constituents or represent Boris Johnson. If other Conservative MPs have the courage to stand up and do the right thing, they should be able to do the same.”