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Pope Francis undergoes medical check-up at Rome’s Gemelli Hospital

POPE Francis, 86, made a visit to Rome’s Gemelli hospital today for a check-up, as concerns about his health persist. Earlier this year, the pontiff spent five days in the hospital battling a lung infection, and just last month, he had to cancel audiences due to a fever. The Vatican has not yet provided any specific details regarding the purpose of his visit today.

Over the weekend, Pope Francis delivered a noon prayer in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, appearing in relatively good health. However, his recent health struggles have raised questions about the condition of the pontiff.

Pope Francis, who marked his tenth year as the head of the Catholic Church in March, has faced a series of health issues in recent years. In July 2021, he underwent surgery to remove a portion of his colon to address a painful bowel condition known as diverticulitis.

Despite these health challenges, the Pope continues to fulfill his duties and responsibilities as the leader of the Catholic Church. The Vatican announced on Saturday that Francis has plans to visit Mongolia in late August and early September, demonstrating his commitment to global outreach and engagement.

Before his visit to Mongolia, Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Portugal in early August. His visit to the country will include attending the World Youth Day in Lisbon and visiting the Shrine of Fatima, a significant pilgrimage site for Catholics worldwide.

The health of Pope Francis remains a topic of concern and interest for millions of Catholics around the world. His frequent hospital visits and recent medical procedures underscore the importance of monitoring his well-being as he continues to lead the Church.

As of now, the Vatican has not released any official statement regarding the outcome of today’s medical check-up. The Pope’s medical condition and the implications for his upcoming engagements will undoubtedly be closely monitored and reported by the global Catholic community.

The faithful and well-wishers across the globe are keeping Pope Francis in their thoughts and prayers, hoping for his continued good health and resilience as he carries out his spiritual and pastoral duties.