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Rob McElhenney is reduced to tears in a local pub

  • Last weekend, Rob McElhenney spent some time with Wrexham fans in a nearby pub.
  • At one point, a song was played for him while he wiped away tears.
  • Wrexham fans chanted that McElhenney and another Hollywood star, Ryan Reynolds, would save their home at Racecourse Ground from “falling apart.”
  • Back in November of 2020, McElhenney and Reynolds bought the Welsh club.

Last weekend, Wrexham co-owner Rob McElhenney was witnessed wiping away tears while being serenaded by supporters at a nearby bar.

After executing an improbable takeover in November 2020, McElhenney and fellow Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds are presently enjoying their second full season at the Racecourse Ground.

The Welsh team lost out on promotion in the duo’s first full season together, losing the playoff semi-final against Grimsby after finishing second in the National League. This season, they are in second place, three points behind the leaders Notts County.