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Schofield denies grooming younger male colleague

Former This Morning presenter says he is ‘embarrassed and ashamed’ but denies grooming the man

IN A HEARTFELT and candid interview, former This Morning presenter, Phillip Schofield, has spoken out about the affair that led to his resignation from ITV. Schofield, 61, admitted to an “unwise but not illegal relationship” with a younger male colleague, who is now in his mid-20s. While expressing deep remorse, Schofield denied allegations of grooming his former lover.\

Speaking about the emotional toll the situation has taken on him, Schofield stated, “I am utterly broken. I feel embarrassed and ashamed.” He acknowledged the support of his daughters, emphasizing that their presence was crucial during this difficult time, saying, “If it hadn’t been for my girls last week, I wouldn’t be here.”

Reports indicate that Schofield initially met his former lover when the man was a 15-year-old boy at drama school. However, Schofield insisted that the affair did not begin until the man was much older and had started working at ITV. It is important to note that Schofield was married at the time of the affair.

Addressing the allegations of grooming, Schofield firmly stated, “I did not groom him. There are accusations of all sorts of things. It never came across that way because we’d become mates.” Schofield expressed surprise at the impact the affair had on his career, saying, “I really probably only thought about it when I saw the rumour mill, and saw it growing. Then I saw the link with the drama school photo all those years before, and thought, ‘This looks shocking.'”

Schofield denied lying to protect his career and claimed that his former lover wanted to maintain privacy. “He wanted his own life,” Schofield stated. However, as the situation escalated, Schofield admitted that the lies became “bigger and bigger,” ultimately spiraling out of control. “For whatever cost, it had to stop,” Schofield asserted.

The former presenter expressed his deep remorse and offered a heartfelt apology to his former lover. “I am deeply sorry and I apologize to him because I should have known better… I will die sorry. I am so deeply mortified,” Schofield confessed.

In a separate interview with the BBC, Schofield pleaded with the media to leave his former lover alone. He emphasized that an innocent person was involved who had not done anything wrong and was now feeling vulnerable.

Describing the relentless fallout from the revelations, Schofield revealed the toll it has taken on his mental well-being. “I am in a very bad way. Mentally, utterly, utterly broken,” he disclosed. Schofield also expressed feeling overwhelmed by the incessant media scrutiny, asking, “Do [you] want me to die? Because that’s where I am.”

As the news of Schofield’s affair continues to reverberate, there are reports that Members of Parliament (MPs) are planning to question ITV executives regarding the situation. Additionally, the Prince’s Trust has dropped Schofield as an ambassador, and he has been let go by his talent agency.

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The aftermath of this affair has undoubtedly had a profound impact on Phillip Schofield’s life, leaving him grappling with the consequences of his actions. As he attempts to reconcile with his past, it remains to be seen how the media, the public, and his former colleagues will respond in the coming weeks and months.