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Snow way out! Bristol Airport flights grounded, passengers chill out in icy limbo

Bristol Airport is in chaos this morning as snow caused flights to be suspended. 

The airport crews were working tirelessly to clear the runway to allow flights to continue, but it was proving to be a difficult task. 

An update was posted on the Bristol Airport Twitter feed, stating that all flights were suspended until 8 am. 

However, a further update confirmed that the flights would be suspended until at least 11 am as the crews continued to work to clear the runway.

The Bristol Airport arrivals and departures feed showed that the 9.20 am flight to Paris had been cancelled. 

All other morning flights had been delayed, and further information would be available to passengers at 11 am.

 The traffic monitoring system Inrix reported that flights were on hold due to snow affecting flights from Bristol Airport. 

Passengers were advised to check the status of their flight before traveling, as departure boards showed that no flights were currently leaving.

The social media was abuzz with comments from disgruntled passengers who were stuck at the airport. 

Many were frustrated at the lack of information and the uncertainty surrounding their flights. 

One passenger, Rachel, tweeted, “Stuck at Bristol Airport due to the snow. No updates, no information. This is ridiculous.”

As the morning wore on, no planes had landed at Bristol Airport. 

The W61019 from Katowice to Bristol appeared to be holding above the airport, waiting for the runway to be cleared. 

Despite the efforts of the airport crews, it was clear that it would be some time before flights could resume, leaving passengers stranded and frustrated.

So far there appears to be limited disruption at Cardiff Airport. However one traveller shared their experience on Twitter, claiming they had been on the runway for an hour waiting for snow to be cleared.

The Twitter user said: “Cardiff Airport, what a sh*t show. An hour on the tarmac so far, while they clean the snow off the plane. Which they started after we were due to take off.”