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Anchors aweigh!

anchors aweighTHE NARBERTH & Whitland Rotary Club plan to launch a new fund raising venture next year.

Sponsored by Princes Gate Water, and in association with “Race the Dragon” and “Welsh Water”, a Dragon Boat race will take place on Sunday May 25, 2014 at Llys-y-Fran. Funds raised from the event will be used to support a range of charities.

Originating from China over 2000 years ago, the history of Dragon Boat racing is steeped in a magical yet heroic myth. Dragon boat racing has become the world’s fastest growing water sport. Dragon boats are 12 metres long and are decorated with a traditional dragons head, tail and drum.

Each boat requires 16 paddlers and a drummer to beat a steady rhythm. An experienced helmsman is provided by the race organisers. The Dragon boats are raced against each other in a spectacular and energetic display.

It should be a great day out for participants and their families so that they want to stay all day. A variety of side shows, amusements, food and drink will be available for children and adults. To make this event a success the Rotary Club need the support of clubs and/or other organisations.

Here’s the way it works…..

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The Rotary Club make the arrangements for the day. The venue and boats have already been booked and the deposit paid. They also arrange entertainment and additional fun activities (mainly for children) on the day. A marquee, refreshments and changing facilities will be available on site.

You will raise a team of 17 people. That’s 16 to row the boat plus a drummer to beat out the rhythm. The minimum age for team members is twelve years old. Fancy dress is OK!

You pay an initial deposit/entry fee of £340 (£20 per head) by the end of December this year to secure your boat and, by the end of March next year, sponsorship of £680 (£40 per head) towards Rotary charities. Funds that you raise in addition to this sum are for your nominated charity/organisation. Alternatively you may be able to persuade a local company to sponsor your team for the deposit/entry fee.

The competition involves racing Dragon boats over a short distance (200 metres approx.) for each heat. Teams race in pairs in the heats. Each team will have a minimum of three races. Times are recorded and the fastest three teams go forward to the final.

Training, a safety briefing and all equipment needed are provided by the organisers. It is not essential for participants to be able to swim as lifejackets and a standby boat will be provided. The organising team have first aid and rescue qualifications.

All participants will receive a limited edition “I raced the Dragon” ‘T’ shirt. The winning team will receive a shield and an additional winners ‘T’ shirt.

The Rotary Club hope that this idea appeals to you. To find out more, please contact Ken Morgan 01834 860 873 or 07972 378 301 or email him at [email protected].