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Brentford footballer Ivan Tony admits to FA betting breaches

Premier League striker Ivan Toney has admitted to breaking FA betting rules.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Toney has pleaded guilty to several of the 262 charges brought against him by the FA last year – but has contested some of the allegations.

In November, the Brentford striker was initially accused of 232 violations of the betting regulations, which allegedly took place between February 2017 and January 2021. The following month, Toney faced an additional 30 charges of violating the FA’s betting rules.

The FA evaluates each case of betting rule violation on an individual basis, which means that any past instances of players breaking these regulations are unlikely to have a direct impact on the severity of the penalty that Toney may face.

Toney could face a suspension of six months or more if it is proven that he placed bets on his own team.

During the period under scrutiny, Toney played for several clubs including Scunthorpe, Wigan, Peterborough, and Brentford.

Toney, along with his legal team and representatives, meticulously reviewed each of the charges with the legal representatives of Brentford and the FA.

The investigation into these alleged violations began almost 10 months ago.