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Carmarthen too good for Swansea

CARMARTHEN started this game strong on the whistle, passing accurately and moving up the pitch as a team.

The wingbacks, Meg Henry and Anna Knuckles drove the ball down the wings, communicating with the forwards, which quickly led to their first goal of the game. Meg Davies received the ball from Ffion Wyn Jones at the top of the D and passed it to Beck Cartland, who hit the ball to the back of the net making it 1-0 to Carmarthen.

They continued to play well, however a sudden breakdown in the defence and midfield led to Swansea to driving up the pitch and thus scoring a goal.

The whistle soon blew for half time with a score of 1-1, but Carmarthen ladies came back even stronger during the second half after a stern yet positive half time team talk.

The defence, Keira Griffiths, Eleanor Phillips and Ffion Dart continued to hold their line and denied any goal scoring opportunities from Swansea. Goalkeeper Jackie Marshall made some crucial saves, preventing Swansea from getting any short corners throughout the game.

The defence sent the ball up the pitch, where Lili Church, Anna Heath and Catrin Davies, in the centre, received the ball and worked around the defenders together to get the ball into the attacking D, which quickly resulted in a short corner for Carmarthen.

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Dart received the ball from the short corner, injected by Maya Davies and passed it back to Maya, who deflected it into the goal, making the score 2-1.

Carmarthen continued to work as a team, using the midfielders to pass the Swansea players to forwards Scarlett McKenzie, Beck Cartland and Ffion Wyn Jones who linked well together to get another goal.

Their hard work paid off as Carmarthen managed to secure another short corner and make the score 3-1. The third goal was by Dart, who swept the ball from the top of the D, where the ball slipped through the goalies legs and into the back of the goal.

Swansea continued to fight but Carmarthen kept up a solid press and prevented Swansea from having any breaks, which lasted until the final whistle blew, meaning Carmarthen had won the game 3-1. Player of the match went to Anna Knuckles from both teams.