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Carmarthen Town Cawl Crawl

A TOUR with a difference has been organised as part of the On Your Door Step event.

The Carmarthen Town Cawl Crawl will see up to 25 entrants visiting a number of establishments between 11am and 2pm on Saturday (March 7) and sampling homemade Cawl.

Potter Yoka Kilkelly, of Siramik based in Alltwalis, has made 25 bowls for the occasion.

Each participant will buy one of the miniature Cawl bowls, a map highlighting each establishment and scorecard. The highest scoring Cawl will then be crowned the Carmarthen Town Cawl Crawl Champion.

Cawl Crawl packs can be bought for £5 from a person from the Carmarthen Tourist Information Centre, situated within Carmarthen Castle.

Carmarthenshire tourism assistant Elinos Walters said: “The entrants will follow the trail around 11 businesses and sample their cawl. Then one will be crowned Carmarthen Cawl Champion.”

Yoka Kilkelly said: “I have made 25 bowls for the Cawl Crawl this year and will do the same every year. Each bowl has Cawl written on it.”

A whole month of fun is being planned to celebrate all that is great about Carmarthenshire. Throughout March, a campaign is taking place to raise awareness of the delights which can be found On Your Doorstep.

It aims to showcase attractions, activities, local businesses and a guide to what’s on during the month. Three special events will take place in town centres as part of the scheme – in Carmarthen on March 7, Ammanford on March 14, and Llanelli on March 21.

Businesses are invited to come along to show off their goods and services. Companies with activities such as potters wheels, climbing walls, arts, crafts and sports are all invited to attend to add to the entertainment. There will be live broadcasts at all three locations from Radio Carmarthenshire and an intensive promotional campaign will be run in partnership with local media.

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On Your Doorstep is being run by Carmarthenshire County Council in partnership with Carmarthenshire Tourism Association. It is part of Wales Tourism Week which takes place in March, but the Carmarthenshire campaign will last for the month. Leisure and events executive board member Cllr Meryl Gravell said: “Quite simply, there is far too much going on in Carmarthenshire, and far too many attractions to fit into just seven days! We want to use this opportunity to showcase our wonderful county, and give local businesses the chance to promote themselves as part of it.”