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Wales will not play Russia ‘at any level’

THE Football Association of Wales (FAW) has said that its Wales teams will not play Russia for the forseeable future.

Wales has become the latest nation to refuse to play Russia, following its invasion of Ukraine, after the associations of England and Poland also refused to play them.

FIFA has also told Russia that its teams must play at a neutral venue in future games and they will play under the name of the Football Union of Russia.

They will also play without a flag and without an anthem.

In its statement, the Welsh FA has said that they condemn the ‘use of force and the atrocities being committed by Russia’.

It goes on to say: “The FAW has decided that Cymru will not play any international fixtures against Russia for the foreseeable future, at any level of the game.

“Our thoughts and support are with the people of Ukraine. Сильніші разом. Together, we are stronger. Gyda’n gilydd, yn gryfach.”

There are growing calls for Russia to be banned completely from all sporting events as a result of their invasion of Ukraine.

Last week, the Russian Grand Prix was cancelled in wake of the country’s attacks.