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Ioan Croft wins Gold at Commonwealth Games

CRYMYCH’s Ioan Croft has won Gold at the Commonwealth Games as he beat Zambia’s Stephen Zimba in the final on Sunday night (Aug 7).

Both men had stoppage wins en route to the final and it made for an exciting final.

Ioan was supported in the crowd by twin brother Garan who had picked up a bronze medal following his semi-final loss on Saturday.

The Zambian’s accuracy was off in the opening stages of the bout and Croft landed some good punches.

The judges favoured Croft on the scorecrds with all scoring the round 10-9 in favour of the Welshman.

Zimba showed plenty of aggression at the start of the second round as he looked to work his way back into the contest and both men landed some good punches.

However, he again missed with a couple of punches while Ioan landed some of his.

That showed on the scorecards with Ioan taking the round 4-1 on the judges scorecards.

In the third round, Zimba again looked to be aggressive but Croft kept his movement up to make it difficult for his opponent.

Both men gave it their all but it was Ioan who had done enough to secure the gold medal by a unanimous decision.

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A short while after Ioan recieved his gold medal and stood proudly as the national anthem was played.