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Junior Netball results for March 19

THE PEMBROKESHIRE JUNIOR NETBALL League continued on Saturday, March 19 with six games across three age groups.

Sapphires White and Fishguard B were winners in the Under 12s while Fishguard and Pembroke Under 14s were also victorious.

In the Under 16s Sapphires Black picked up another win and Sapphires White beat Chaos Purple by a single goal.

Results and best players can be seen below.

Under 12’s

Chaos Lightning 2 v 9 Sapphires White
Players player:
Chaos: Lily Colville
Sapphires: Seren Davies

Fishguard B 8 v 5 Pembroke 2
Players player:
Fishguard: Berfin Babahan
Pembroke: Megan Keight

Under 14’s

Fishguard 20 v 7 Sapphires White
Players player:
Fishguard: Millie-Mai Evans
Sapphires: Faithe Davies

Pembroke 18 v 2 Sapphires White
Players player:
Sapphires: Anya Beynon
Pembroke: Rosie Candler

Under 16’s

Chaos Blues 12 v 15 Sapphires Black
Players player:
Chaos: Alexis Jones
Sapphires: Lily Buckle

Chaos Purple 15 v 16 Sapphires White
Players player:
Chaos: Katie David
Sapphires: Alice Goltwaltz

Fishguard Under 14s
Fishguard Under 12s
Sapphires Black Under 16s
Sapphires White Under 12s