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Pembrokeshire Junior Netball league returns

Under 12’s Fishguard Kites

THE first week of the new Pembrokeshire Junior Netball League season got underway on Saturday (Oct 1).

Games were played at a brand new venue and it proved to be a great success with lots of exciting matches on display.

• UNDER 12’s:

Fishguard Kites 43 v 1 Chaos Thunder

Players player: 

Fishguard: Tabi Curtis 

Chaos: Olivia Bojanowski

Sapphires Black 21 v 2 Chaos Lightning 

Players player: 

Sapphires: Ellanna Phillips 

Chaos: Lily Colville 

• UNDER 14’s: 

Sapphires White 7 v 10 Chaos Cyclones 

Players player: 

Sapphires: Mia Pritchard 

Chaos: Charlotte Bojanowski 

Fishguard Eagles 5 v 15 Chaos Hurricanes 

Players player: 

Fishguard: Scarlet Robinson 

Chaos: Katie Brazier 

Fishguard Buzzards 18 v 2 Sapphires Black 

Players player: 

Fishguard: Carys Burge 

Sapphires: Gracie Field-Thomas 

• UNDER 16’s: 

Fishguard Ospreys 6 v 18 Chaos Purples

[Game officially forfeited 10-0 by Fishguard]

Players player: 

Fishguard: Cerys Adamson 

Chaos: Grace Griffiths Reynolds 

Pembroke 12 v 16 Chaos Blues 

Players player: 

Pembroke: Ava Midgely 

Chaos: Tegan Hilton 

St David’s 9 v 36 Sapphires Black 

Players player: 

St David’s: Sabrina Semaoni 

Sapphires: Lily Rose Cornelius

Under 16’s Fishguard Ospreys
Under 14’s Fishguard Eagles