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Principality Stadium makes feminine hygiene product made free of charge

THE Principality Stadium has announced that, with immediate effect, feminine hygiene products will be made available free of charge at the stadium.

The change has been made following customer feedback as the current feminine hygiene vending machines situated in each toilet block only accept coins.

As society’s relationship with cash shifts, more and more consumers choose to make purchases using credit or debit cards and do not have change readily available should they need it in an emergency.

Darren Crossman, Facilities & Safety Manager Principality Stadium said, “All women and people who menstruate should have access to period products and it’s important that we recognise that and make them readily available in Principality Stadium.

We found that our current vending machines were no longer accessible to all, as they require coins to make a purchase.

In light of this and the growing awareness around issues such as period poverty we are making a full range of feminine hygiene products available free of charge which can be collected from any First Aid room on each concourse.”

There are four First Aid rooms on each level of the stadium which are staffed throughout the game.  We advise anyone in need to head directly to the First Aid room or speak to your steward who will be able to assist you.