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Osprey merger with Ealing Trailfinders would be ‘devastating’ says Sam Cross

Amidst rumours of a possible merger with Ealing Trailfinders, Sam Cross, the flanker for Ospreys, has expressed that the loss of the region would have a “devastating” impact.

According to Cross (30), the players of Ospreys have been informed that the Welsh region is one of the teams that Ealing has approached.

Reports indicate that there have been discussions about the possibility of a merger, with some sources suggesting that a deal may be imminent.

“There’s obviously a lot of people’s livelihoods at stake, not just players,” said Cross.

“People we work with on a daily basis – staff members, people in the stadium, people in the community teams. It’s bigger than just players.

“Then for the fans. Speaking to fans, the Ospreys’ supporters’ club on the weekend, you could sense they are anxious and the stress caused by the rumours.

“It would be devastating.”

Last year, Ealing emerged as champions of the English Championship, but were unable to secure promotion to the Premiership due to insufficient stadium capacity. This season, they are once again leading the second tier, but were recently informed that they will not be eligible for promotion.

Ealing’s situation, coupled with the ongoing financial uncertainties in Welsh rugby and doubts about the sustainability of four regions, have sparked rumours that the London club may team up with Ospreys and participate in the United Rugby Championship (URC).

Despite speculation, Ealing and Ospreys, as well as the Rugby Football Union, Welsh Rugby Union (WRU), and the URC, have refrained from commenting on the matter.

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Cross told the BBC Wales’ Scum V podcast: “What we have been told is that Ealing approached a number of clubs and the Ospreys were one of the clubs they approached.”

“But as for anything being agreed, we have been told there’s no substance behind that.”