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Team of the week: Cilgerran Rovers

Cilgerran RoversIT has now been 18 months since Martin Williams was approached by various young adults of the village to reform a football club.

With help from Sam De’ath, Martin put the idea into motion and reintroduced Cilgerran Rovers senior team to the Costcutter League after an absence of 11 years.

Throughout the initial set up, the club was indebted to all the local businesses, organisations and individuals for their help, advice and donations, including last season’s team sponsor E and M Motor Factors.

Throughout the 2012-2013 season the newly formed club ‘held their own’ against some strong competition and this was noted when they reached the quarter finals of the South Cards Cup. Finishing the season in 9th place has given the team something to improve on and this year they have already achieved this by staying firmly in the upper echelons of the table.

Cilgerran Rovers senior team have helped with numerous community events, including assisting Cilgerran Festive Week during this summer’s festivities, during Harvest Festival in the church and perhaps more importantly playing a charity match as part of Kieran Sabiston-Williams Fun Day.

The team are excited by the impending visit of the Ground Hoppers, who are an organisation based in Manchester, Birmingham and London and other cities in the UK, who are visiting on March 8, 2014. They intend to use their visit as an insight, not only for the football played, but also a taste of the community, and they would like to invite everyone to join them when there will be plenty of food, drinks, entertainment, supporter merchandise and fun.

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This will be a large event, and they would welcome any volunteers to help with cooking, serving and traffic control during the days leading up to the event. Should you want to help, please contact Liz Williams on (01239) 615500.

This season the club were kindly donated a new kit from sponsor Paul Edwards Ltd and for this they would like to express their thanks, and also to Francine Barber of the Masons Arms for serving the ‘after match’ refreshments.

There is one final person the club needs to thank and that is the late Mark Patterson, for his coaching on the team, enthusiasm and his advice. You are sorely missed Mark