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Tennis programmes recognised by LTA

TWO Welsh tennis programmes have been recognised by the LTA and Tennis Wales for their development of young tennis players.

Swansea Tennis Centre and Tennis Squad are now both recognised as U10 Performance Programmes in Wales.

The two programmes are part of a nationwide network of 65 programmes across Great Britain being supported by the LTA, with a desire to grow the network across Wales in 2022 and beyond.

The LTA Player Pathway across Great Britain is a seamless pathway for tennis champions that nurtures people, teams and leaders. Players can access and train in recognised U10 Performance Programmes, before progressing onto Regional Player Development Centres (10 – 14 year olds) and onto full time LTA National Academies (14+).

Swansea Tennis Centre and Tennis Squad have been recognised as U10 Performance Programmes for the quality of their coaching teams, the standard of the U10 training programme they offer players and their approach to both internal and external competition.

Ellie Lewis, Co-Director of Tennis Squad said: “We are delighted to be invited onto this new pathway by Tennis Wales and the LTA, it’s brilliant to be recognised for the work our fantastic team of coaches do week in and week out in the U10 space across south-east Wales. We are looking forward to growing our indoor opportunities for aspiring players and providing them with first class support on their journey.”

Craig Ingham, Head of Tennis at Swansea Tennis Centre, said: “Having been a Local and Regional Player Development Centre over the past three years we are delighted to continue our involvement with Tennis Wales and the LTA and continue to benefit from the support they provide to the players and coaches within the programme. It’s an exciting opportunity that can only enhance the quality of players we are producing in Wales.”

Tennis Wales and the LTA’s National Performance Team will be working closely with both programmes to help them develop some of Wales’ best young players.

Chris Lewis, Head of Performance for Tennis Wales, added: “It’s great that these programmes have been recognised for the work they do in helping players to enjoy and love the sport whilst putting some of the important foundations in place to allow them to reach their potential further down the line.

“We have some excellent coaches working with our youngest players in these programmes and helping them at the start of their tennis journey. We’re committed to supporting tennis venues and coaches to join the performance pathway and hope to see more programmes joining in 2022 and beyond”.

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