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The World’s longest relay ever attempted is coming through Carmarthenshire

THE RUNNING Out of Time relay will be the world’s longest, non-stop relay ever attempted. It’s being done in the name of climate action and it’s passing through Carmarthenshire on Wednesday, October 5. 

The relay will start in Glasgow, home of COP26 last year, on September 30 and finish in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, on November 6 for the start of COP27, the next UN summit of world leaders discussing the climate crisis. Runners, cyclists and sailors will carry a baton containing a climate message that’ll be delivered to world leaders urging more support to help people tackle the climate crisis where they live.

Along the UK section of the route, the charity Carbon Copy will be throwing the spotlight onto 27 innovative projects which are examples of the innovation already being developed by communities and partnerships to tackle climate change and protect people from its worst effects. The aim is to inspire other communities to copy their example and accelerate society’s progress towards a sustainable future. 

The relay route is passing through Carmarthenshire because one of these projects is in the county: The Carbon Community in Cynghordy.

The Carbon Community brings together trees, science and people. It helps to educate young people about environmental issues, enable people to get involved in tree planting, and run citizen science programmes where people can contribute directly to the scientific research into how trees and soil can soak up and store carbon dioxide.

It’s dedicated to creating forests and accelerating carbon dioxide removal, using breakthrough science. Its landmark Carbon Study aims to uncover a new reforestation approach, to accelerate and enhance the sequestration (absorbing & locking away) of carbon dioxide (CO2) in trees and soil to tackle the climate crisis.

Ric Casale, Co Founder of Carbon Copy, says “Carbon Copy is delighted to team up with One Run for this extraordinary event. The relay is so symbolic of the ambition and collaboration we wish to see at COP27, and that we already see in the people working together locally to address the biodiversity and climate crises.

“This relay will also be a common thread that links thousands of inspiring climate action stories, showcasing leadership at all levels and encouraging more people to join in by doing something similar. Collective local climate action is having an impact globally, and we look forward to taking these stories to COP27 and sharing them with governments from around the world.”

Running Out of Time is organised by The World Relay ltd and made possible thanks to the collaborative effort of a great many partners and supporters. Carbon Copy is one of two official charity partners and is a national charity inspiring big-thinking local action to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises. 

The official relay baton has been created by award-winning Glasgow-based designers 4c Design whose many accolades include the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton. The iconic spiral design of the Running Out of Time baton represents the four essential layers of climate action – international, national, local and individual.

As part of the relay, pupils from more than 50 countries have so far signed up for a Schools Action Day on 3rd November and up to a million are expected to take part. The exciting virtual educational programme will champion climate change solutions while empowering young people to create an environmentally conscious world through experiential, project-based learning.

People around the world who are unable to run a stage on the physical route won’t miss out. They’re invited to pass the baton during a Global Virtual Relay on November 5, 2022 which is expected to attract tens of thousands of runners in the name of climate action.