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Touch takes students to Australia

Australia bound: Rachel Wasserman, Mollie North, Dan Rees and sport and leisure officer, Matt Adams .

FOUR Carmarthenshire students will be substituting the playing fields of Llanelli for the sun-drenched fields of Australia at the Touch World Cup this April.

Rachel Wasserman, Mollie North, Sophie Rainton and Daniel Rees had played in a series of county Touch Rugby tournaments organised by sport and leisure officers in 2013, however, little did they know that they would go onto represent Wales in the sports premier tournament in Coff’s Harbour, New South Wales in April.

All four youngsters from Strade, Glanymor, Bryngwyn Schools and Coleg Sir Gar were introduced to the game as part of the council’s 5×60 programme. They represented their schools prior to being selected to play for West Wales under 16’s and went on to become part of the Wales Touch Association Elite Academy for developing under 18 players.

Unlike traditional rugby, Touch players use their hands to make a touch on any part of the opponent’s body, clothing, or the ball.

Carmarthenshire County Council sport and leisure officer, Matt Adams said: “I’m absolutely thrilled for all four of them to go and represent Wales in the biggest Touch tournament to date. They’ll be playing the very best players in the world and it’s particularly pleasing to note that all four pupils started playing Touch in 5×60 festivals and tournaments that we organised here in Carmarthenshire.”

Competitor Mollie North, aged 15, said: “I can’t wait to go now – it’s going to be such a great experience. My dad is playing for Wales Men’s 40s too so we’re going out to Australia as a family.”