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SToK Cold Brew Coffee secures naming rights for Wrexham’s Racecourse Ground

In a groundbreaking move, Wrexham’s iconic Racecourse Ground, the world’s oldest international football stadium, will be renamed the SToK Racecourse following a sponsorship deal brokered by Hollywood owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. The agreement marks the first time in its illustrious history that the historic venue will bear the name of a sponsor, with the new title taking effect on 1st July.

SToK Cold Brew Coffee, a prominent brand in the United States, will now be associated with the Racecourse Ground, also known as Cae Ras in Welsh. However, it is worth noting that SToK Cold Brew Coffee does not currently have a presence in the UK market.

McElhenney and Reynolds, the co-owners of Wrexham AFC, announced the stadium’s name change in a lighthearted video, showcasing their humor and love for the club. In the clip, they playfully reveal their plan to replace the team’s traditional afternoon tea with SToK Cold Brew Coffee to gauge the fans’ reaction.

Explaining their choice of sponsor, the duo released a joint statement saying, “We wanted a stadium sponsor that captured the vitality and energy of Wrexham while also, like Welsh, being a bit of a learning experience to say. SToK Cold Brew Coffee fit the bill perfectly. We’re incredibly excited and a little overcaffeinated.”

Wrexham AFC’s decision to attach a sponsor’s name to the Racecourse Ground was backed by the club’s advisory board, consisting of representative supporters. The move is seen as a positive development for the club’s future growth and financial stability.

SToK Cold Brew Coffee, a brand owned by Danone North America, has expressed its enthusiasm for partnering with Wrexham AFC and becoming a part of the club’s extended family. Brittney Polka, Vice President of Ready-to-Drink Beverages at Danone North America, shared, “We were captivated by the story of Wrexham — the team, the fans, and the community — and we’re honored to be welcomed into the Wrexham family. We’ll be cheering on the Red Dragons and raising our cold brews from afar.”

Humphrey Ker, Wrexham’s Executive Director, expressed delight at welcoming SToK Cold Brew Coffee to the club’s fold. He stated, “Having secured the support of the club advisory board and understanding that the majority of fans were happy for the stadium to be sponsored, we were delighted to partner with one of the fastest-growing cold brew coffee brands in the US, as their ambitions and upward trajectory match our own.”

The sponsorship deal with SToK Cold Brew Coffee signifies a significant milestone for Wrexham AFC, as it aims to further enhance its brand and explore new avenues for growth. The renaming of the Racecourse Ground will serve as a constant reminder of the club’s enduring history and its aspirations for a prosperous future.

The SToK Racecourse will continue to serve as a focal point for football enthusiasts, bearing witness to exciting matches and memorable moments for years to come. As the club’s supporters adapt to the new name, the association with SToK Cold Brew Coffee is expected to generate increased interest and curiosity among fans and visitors alike.

The sponsorship agreement takes effect on July 1, marking a new chapter in Wrexham AFC’s journey and further cementing the global appeal of the historic Racecourse Ground.

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