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Urgent modification required on select gas range cookers

HOUSEHOLDS across Wales are being urged to take immediate action if they own gas range cookers from the brands Belling, Stoves, and New World. The companies have previously identified a number of their models as posing significant risks related to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Those in Wales with the identified cooker models are requested to make urgent contact with Belling, Stoves, or New World. They can do this by ringing 0800 110 5728 or by dropping an email to [email protected]. The purpose is to determine if their particular cooker requires modification and, if so, to promptly arrange a visit for the necessary fix.

It is paramount for consumers to be aware that the incorrect operation of these cookers may result in a severe carbon monoxide poisoning threat unless a pivotal modification is made.

In late 2022, the said modification was introduced. This change guarantees that even if the grill is operated improperly, there won’t be any unsafe carbon monoxide accumulation. Certain models of the aforementioned brands’ gas range cookers were discovered to have a sealing defect on their grill components. This flaw can result in harmful carbon monoxide concentrations, which can prove fatal.

When reaching out to the company, customers are advised to have their model number (which begins with 4444) and their serial number to hand. Both can be located by opening the primary oven door, with details found on a badge on the frame beneath the oven section.

A representative for Stoves, Belling, and New World remarked, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all consumers who’ve already arranged for a modification. Given the carbon monoxide risk, we’re imploring those who haven’t yet communicated with us or those who no longer possess their cookers to get in touch immediately. Until the modification is complete, we strongly advise following the instruction manual, which states to use the gas grill with the door open, eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide accumulation. Our products are subject to rigorous health and safety evaluations and are vetted by pertinent industry bodies before sale. We’re committed to heightening awareness about carbon monoxide dangers and endorsing optimal industry testing standards.”

A comprehensive list of the affected models is accessible here. Households with any of these cookers should contact the companies immediately to schedule the necessary modification. Individuals who may have owned one of these models in the past are also being encouraged to get in touch so that any potential risks can be mitigated.