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Voters call for a change to the electoral system

a close up of ballot papers being counted during an election

A CHANGE.ORG petition calling on the new Labour Government to introduce voting reform has won the support of almost 50,000 people within a week of launching.

The petition was created by Change.org user Shane Farrow the day after the general election. He writes:

“Our outdated first-past-the-post (FPTP) voting system has continuously shown its inability to accurately reflect the varied preferences of our diverse population. The recent election results are yet another blatant demonstration of this problem. It underscored, once again, the moral imperative to modernize and rectify our electoral system. Our democracy shouldn’t be framed by a system that confines us to choosing between the lesser of two evils; it should encourage the full spectrum of political representation and opinions.”

The Prime Minister Keir Starmer is reported to oppose a switch from first past the post to a proportional representation voting model, although he may face opposition from within his own party as last year’s Labour Conference voted overwhelmingly for the party to back a PR model.

The Government have not yet responded publicly to the petition.

The petition, with a live signature count, can be found at Change.org/FirstPastThePost