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Wales set to experience hottest temperatures in the UK as heatwave persists

AS THE SUNNY weather continues, temperatures are expected to rise, bringing hotter and more humid conditions across the United Kingdom this week. The Met Office has predicted that Wales will likely experience the highest temperatures, with highs reaching up to 26 or 27°C, making it one of the warmest places in the country. This scorching weather is set to persist for at least another week, according to forecasters.

Porthmadog has already experienced a taste of the intense heat, with temperatures reaching as high as 25°C over the weekend. Due to its geographical position and climatic factors, Porthmadog is frequently dubbed the hottest place in the UK. The forecast suggests that this trend will continue in the coming days, with the west of the country basking in sunnier skies and higher temperatures, while the eastern parts may see relatively cooler conditions with cloudier skies.

Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst explained, “There will be lots of dry weather, with the sunnier skies always in the west and cloudier skies always in the east. Going forward, temperatures are going to be similar if not a little bit higher towards the end of the week. This west-east split will be continuing with temperatures as well, so in western parts of the UK temperatures will rise to around the mid-20s while the eastern side of the UK is more likely to see mid to high teens. Particularly on the coast, it will remain quite chilly in the east and quite cloudy at times.”

Throughout Sunday, many parts of the UK enjoyed abundant sunshine, contributing to the warm temperatures experienced across the country. Porthmadog recorded the highest temperature at 25°C, closely followed by Castlederg in Northern Ireland with 24.5°C, Bournemouth with 24.2°C, and Glasgow reaching a high of 24.1°C, setting a record for Scotland.

While the temperatures are expected to remain stable in the first half of the week, the south-west region may witness stronger winds towards the end of the week, along with a risk of showers and breezes across the southern areas. However, for most parts of the UK, warm and sunny conditions are likely to prevail, courtesy of the dominating high pressure system, leading to mainly fine and settled weather. The west of the country is anticipated to enjoy the warmest and sunniest conditions, while the eastern regions may experience cloudy mornings.

Monday: The day will start with any cloud in the east gradually lifting and breaking through the morning, resulting in a fine and dry day with abundant sunshine. It will feel warm with a gentle breeze, and the maximum temperature is expected to reach 23°C. Late evening sunshine can be anticipated, although cloud cover will return in the east overnight. Rural areas may experience cooler temperatures due to clear skies, with the minimum temperature dropping to 6°C.

Tuesday: Cloud cover will gradually clear throughout the morning, leaving increasing amounts of strong sunshine for the rest of the day. It will continue to feel warm, with the maximum temperature reaching 22°C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday: The following days are expected to witness ample sunshine, with temperatures gradually climbing. Winds are likely to strengthen, especially along the southern coasts, potentially becoming gusty. The weather will remain predominantly dry across the region.